Photo Editing

Image Editing Before and After
Any photo print or digital file can be edited to meet your requirements. For the photographer who wants to take their photos to the next level we will work with you to make your vision come alive with our professional editing services. The Photoshop gurus at Carmel Studios have over 40 years of print lab, graphics, scanning, high resolution offset printing, and digital media experience!

Some of the photo editing services we provide:

- Colour correction from faded or misprinted originals     
- Straightening
- Close cropping
- Enlargements
- Object or person additions or removals
- Blemish removal
- Wrinkle removal
- Red eye removal
- Teeth whitening
- Body shaping
- Hairstyle makeover
- Tattoo removal
- Sky replacements
- Photo compositing
- Colour grading
- Creative Photoshop filters
- You name it and we can change it!