About - CarMel Studios
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About CarMel Studios

Melanie, after retiring from a 35 year corporate career, is now fulfilling a long-time desire to create art. After discovering the medium of Paverpol, Melanie enjoys creating sculptures that rival any purchased home or garden decorations. She also enjoys sharing this knowledge with others and offers workshops and training videos so that inspire others to become artists.

Carsten, a professional photographer, who when not ‘at work’ can be found exploring his community and capturing images that he transforms into breathtaking ‘fine art’.  Carsten’s passion for photography has inspired him to share his work and knowledge by offering fine-art images for sale as well as offering photo walks where he teaches novice photographers the ‘art of seeing’.

For more about Carsten’s professional career in Architectural & Interiors Photography you can visit carstenarnold.com

This creative couple is now collaborating together to bring you CarMel Studios where they can share their creations.

Please explore the Gallery, Shop and Workshops and get in touch if you have any questions!